FREE Advertising For Property Professionals & Property Experts is a complete property resource featuring a service/skills-specific directory created to tell potential clients about ALL the professional services you provide in EVERY postcode area you cover.

A difficult and competitive marketplace makes it vital to stay visible and accessible to your potential clients by grasping every opportunity to maximise your revenue earning potential without breaking the bank.

So, if you were given the opportunity to advertise your company, professional skills and services to a targeted audience in a focused environment and it didn’t cost you a penny, you wouldn’t turn it down, would you!

Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering here, in the ‘essential guide’ to property – a uniquely categorised directory of property related professionals where you can enjoy free advertising to showcase your company and all the services you provide. Listings are ‘postcode specific’ and your listing will appear under every service/skill you choose: And you can submit listings in as many postcode areas as you like.

There are three types of entry- BASIC, STANDARD and FEATURED.

Most directories are categorised under very general headings, like ‘Surveyors and Valuers’ or ‘Solicitors’, which isn’t very helpful because there are numerous types of Surveyors, Valuers and Solicitors and they don’t all provide every appropriate service/skill. Potential clients could easily phone two or three companies before they find one that provides the service they want!

That’s why our directory is categorised much more specifically by service/skill type. This means that, when a customer phones a company in the directory, they will KNOW that the company DOES provide the service they need. No more frustration and no more wasted time/money making or answering unnecessary phone calls!

Potential Leads

In our brand new ‘Ask the Experts‘ feature, users carry out a ‘Company Search‘ by ‘service/skill’ and ‘postcode area’ and type their question/request in the form on the company details pages which is then emailed to that company. Clearly, this represents a potential lead which could be converted into a fee-paying job.