Going Spare!

Want to earn some extra money from a parking space, garage, veg patch, caravan etc that may be underused or spare? Just complete this form and submit your free listing.


  • Parking space – Parking restrictions and rampant traffic wardens make off-road parking a valuable commodity. Earn money from your drive or off-road parking space.
  • Garage – maybe you don’t use your garage or you can make one available at certain times – put it to good use and let it out.
  • Caravan space – Allow people to holiday in their caravan on your property for a fee.
  • Caravan & Cook (C&C) – Earn money from your caravan when you’re not using it (on your property) – they cook their own food.
  • Caravan & Cornflakes (C&C) – Earn money from your caravan when you’re not using it (on your property) – you give them breakfast.
  • Tent space – Allow people to camp in your garden/field for a fee (and maybe use your bathroom?)
  • Tent &Toast (T&T) – You provide a tent, teepee, summerhouse etc and include breakfast.
  • Car Share Space – Give someone a lift e.g. to and/or from work.
  • Veg patch – Set aside an area of your garden/land for someone to grow veg – allotments are at a premium.
  • Event accommodation – have you got room/s available during a Golf Tournament or Test Match etc?
  • Boat – got a narrowboat etc you don’t use all the time?
  • Spare Room – are you looking for a lodger?
  • Beach Hut – everyone loves a beach hut! let them enjoy yours for a few days, a weekend etc?

Complete the form below and then click ‘Submit Free Listing’


  • What type of facility do you have available?
  • Describe the facility you have to let out. (max 300 characters)
  • How much is the weekly rent of your facility? Numbers only, no symbols.
  • Upload a photo of your facility
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  • Choose the main postcode area where your facility is located
  • You can provide some or all the address
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